Tuesday, 22 March 2011

February: 1st Fanatika Theatre Festival

During February 26th and 27th, Fanatika Theatre Club organised its first "Fanatika Theatre Festival" giving its young and amateur actors their first public appearance. This festival staged two plays which were very well received by both the audience and the Press.

The First play was celebrated French playwright Jean Genet's "Les Bonnes" (English: The Maids) translated in Gujarati as "Antaraal" (અંતરાલ) by the prominent theatre figure Shri Hasmukh Baradi. The play was directed by Chintan Pandya. Amongst the three actors were Aanshi Shah (Claire), Ruchi Shah (Solange) and Shreyasi Mehta (Madame). The music compilation was done by Vrattini Ghadge, lights were handled by Arjav Desai.


Antaraal staged, on 26th March 2011, at 8:30 pm, at Natarani, Ahmedabad.

The second play was Molière's classic "Le Malade Imaginaire" translated in English by Charles Heron Wall as "The Imaginary Invalid". Chintan Pandya directed the play and played the lead-role of Argan - the Imaginary Invalid. Amongst the other actors were Mruga (Toinette), Anand (Béralde), Himali (Angélique), Sujit (M. de Bonnefois and M. Fleurant), Bansari (Louison), Dhruv (Cléante), Dhruti (Béline), Amrut (M. Purgon), Vinod (M. Diafoirus) and Pratik (Thomas Diafoirus). Vrattini did the music compilation based on European classical music and Arjav and Pratik Rathod did the lighting. Make-up was done by Bindi.

The Imaginary Invalid, staged on 27th March 2011, at 8:30 pm, at Natarani, Ahmedabad.


  1. readying for the next fanatika festival. 3 plays already selected but the first experience will always be the most cherished one.

  2. all set n geared up n excited for the next venture...feeling stage sick(just like people feel home sick)...want to be back up there and perform, for the audience n for my own self...feel incomplete without feeling the stage now...damn i'm addicted!!!

  3. @Mruga: It was one of the most cherished experience.. The coming batches already has a big source of inspiration!

    @Dhruv: Glad to hear that, Let the enthusiasm flow endlessly :)