Monday, 24 October 2011

Performing Shakespeare (workshop)

This two day workshop is designed to help broaden and develop participant’s understanding and practical exploration of Shakespeare. During this workshop, Shakespeare's Macbeth will be undertaken with a focus on an in depth look at the play.


The course delivery style will include active facilitation; practical exercises, enactment of text as well as discussion and viewing of film interpretations of Shakespeare as well as a documentary on Shakepeare's Globe Theatre.

Who can attend?
This workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in acting and who has interest in Shakespeare. It will suit those of you who would like a practical experience in a professional environment.

Date:    12 & 13 November
Time:    4:00 - 8:00 pm (12 November 2011)
              12:00 - 4:00 pm (13 November 2011)
Venue: Gujarati Sahitya Parishad

Please contact Alliance Fran├žaise d'Ahmedabad reception desk for the registration:
Ph: 079 - 2640 1551 / 2656 0271

Lady Lalkunwar by Sitanshu Yashaschandra

Fanatika Theatre Club presented Sitanshu Yashaschandra’s Lady Lalkunwar on October 8, 2011 at Jayshankar “Sundari” Hall. This play is an original adaptation of Italian playwright Eduardo de Filippo’s Filumena Marturano.

Lady Lalkunwar is the story of Sir Amarshi Narottam’s kept Lalbai. Lalbai has been Sir Amarshi’s kept for 30 years and one day manages to trick this extremely rich man into marrying her. Following this marriage, she begins to live as his official wife in his house and Sir Amarshi cannot bear this. He desperately wants to get rid of her as he has long been planning to marry another woman, namely Rati Zaveri, who is both young and beautiful and comes from a reputed family.

Lalbai’s condition of leaving Sir Amarshi’s house if Sir Amarshi officially adopts her three sons gives him another shock and gives the play a new twist. The play is the journey of this courageous and honest woman from Lalbai to Lalkunwar, Lady Lalkunwar.
The play was very well received by both the audience and the media. Please contact Fanatika theatre Club if you want us to stage this play.

Director: Nisarg Trivedi

Sir Amarshi Narottam: Chintan Pandya
Lady Lalkunwar: Shreyasi Mehta
Gokulji Sampat: Hemang dave
Rati Zaveri: Bindi Patel
Suresh: Sujit Nair
Ketan: Yashraj Dholakia
Jayant: Pratik Bhatt
Mr. Makwana: Sagar Shah
Kakabhau: Kritesh Darji

Music compilation:
Vrattini Ghadge
Dhwani Dala

Harry Lights

Shailesh Prajapati
'Sayonara' Sets