FITD Festival

My passion for theatre and my belief in its powers have both been nourished with the overwhelming support this festival received in terms of participation and spectators in 2012 and 2013. The 2nd edition of this festival in February 2013 with a larger participation came as a proof of a developing cross-cultural dialogue. Theatre has always been a very powerful medium of expression. Many have explored it more as a tool rather than simply a form of art or entertainment. Here we can see how people have used it as the best resolution. This festival stands also as an initiative to explore the things behind the curtain! For we always happen to witness the final outcome on the stage, these documentaries also let us acquaint with the unknown parts of the creative process. I am sure that this festival will not only serve theatre students, amateurs and professionals but will also attract all those sensible and sensitive souls who believe that “all the world is a stage”!

Chintan Pandya
Festival Director and Curator
Fanatika International Theatre Documentary Festival

We are now inviting entries for the 3rd edition of FITDF in February 2014.

Please fill in the Entry Form by 30 November 2013.

For any other query, please write to us on following email addresses:

FITDF 2013 Programme JPEG
FITDF 2013 Programme PDF

FITDF 2012 Programme JPEG
FITDF 2012 Programme PDF

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