Friday, 25 November 2011

4th International Workshop "Expression without Text" by Aurélia David

Expression without Text
Human Voice and Body in Liberty

This one day intensive workshop is designed to give training on how the human body and voice can be used to give meaning and convey message. The learning of “Grammelot”, the French term for a style of language in satirical theatre, will be one of the interesting elements of this workshop.

Who can apply?
Anybody who enjoys theatre and wants to discover it further. No prior acting experience is required.
International Workshops are free but exclusively for the members of Fanatika Theatre Club. You can become Fanatika Theatre Club member and have free access to Regular and International Workshops. As a member, you will enjoy a 25% flat discount on all the paid workshops and will have free and privileged seats for all Fanatika performances.

The registrations are open till Saturday, 10 December 2011. Please register at the reception desk of Alliance Française (079-26401551/26560271).


1 comment:

  1. The fourth international workshop that took palce yesterday at GSP was really very insightful n interesting. Unfortunately, some of us cud not make it to the workshop coz of exams or other commitements. nevrtheless, i wud
    like to thank Aurelia for conducting n Chintan for organising this workshop. we did a lot of intresting activities. Though i shud admit that whenever Aurelia announced that v had to stand in a circle or walk randomly in the room
    for an avtivity i was like OMG, not again. But i was pleasantly surprised to findout that all the activities were different from wat i had done in the past workshops. Moreover, the activities were not only interesting but
    very enriching too. The workshop helped us discover new things about theatre as well as ourselves and eachother. i m sure the other participants will agree with me and i wud request other members of the club to actively
    participate in such activities coz afterall they r organised for us.

    P.S. Thanks also to Sagar, Yashraj n Swaroop for the interesting discussion v had during the lunch break. it was, indeed, the cherry on the cake. hope to meet u guys more often for such interesting debates.